New Content Update - 24 January 2019
13 January 2022

Hi racer!

We have exciting new contents!


Try to conquer it!

Period : Permanent

1. Dragon Gate : The map is not hard, but has many sharp bends.
2. Dragon Lights : The map will make you feels like riding the dragon. The road has many bends and many options.

2.New Mode

Racer, let’s try new mode! Many challenges and rewards are waiting for you!

Period : 24 January - 13 March 2019

Eliminate 48 : Participate alone or invite a friend to join you when you enter the Eliminate 48 room. Every round, participants will be reshuffled to keep the game fun and fair for all.

3.Pet System

Period : Permanent

Obtain cute pets that increase your stats when racing. There are permanent pets that you can obtain free. Let’s try to get them all to increase your racing experience!